Discovery Phase
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Planning is everything to us.

The Arctic Edge Discovery Stage is where you share your app concept with us and we break it down into many workable pieces. These steps and pieces of your concept are laid out in an action plan where we add features and various other nerdy notes on how your idea can be executed into a beautiful working app.

Within the Discovery Stage, you will witness your idea come to life as we begin designing the user interface and user experience by building a working prototype of your prospective app. You get to explore your working prototype and during this timeframe make the necessary adjustments before we commence development.
This discovery stage allows us to work through each step of the process with you, covering each scenario and possibility of the end product to ensure your app matches your needs and expectations.

How Does It Work?

The first step of the discovery stage includes the creation of a detailed specification document, or “spec doc” for short. This document will outline all the features and functionalities of your app in easy-to-understand terms. Our UI/UX designers will then start designing and creating wireframes of your app after which the fun part commences, the prototype.

What is included in the discovery phase?

App Planning

App Planning

UI/UX Design

Arctic Edge App Development
App Development

Spec Sheet


App Development

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With so much to consider, having questions is only natural and vital to the planning of your app. Visit our FAQ for  more guidance.