Who is Arctic
Edge Digital?

the soul of arctic edge digital.

It's no secret that building anything new is challenging ,and no one understands that better than us.

We build strong relationships with our clients to overcome challenges as a team and not act as a simple service provider .Arctic Edge was born to provide high quality and professional development services for all industries. 

Our team has been together for 10 years and our members are based world wide. We currently have clients in South Africa, UK, USA, Australia and Dubai. We are passionate about planning projects to perfection so our clients can increase their chances of success. 

While the company may still be youthful, the team comes with a wealth of knowledge and passion for our craft developed over years of development, design, marketing and observing the needs of businesses in the web-based, digital sphere we live in today. With this experience, we can offer advice on how to best launch new apps, software and platforms into the market. We welcome clients from every corner of South Africa and the world.

As for us, we are down to earth people who enjoy meeting up with our clients and prospective clients to discuss world (app) domination and how we can help take you and your business to where you need to be. We don’t take ourselves too seriously (that’s best left for our work) and take pride in being a part of something amazing for each client we meet. When we’re not elbow-deep in app development, you’ll find us trying out burger joints around Bloubergstrand and Cape Town.

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Meet The Core Team Members

Kurt Schoerie

Position - CTO in Arctic Edge Digital. With over a decade of experience in the development field, Kurt is passionate about helping people grow turn and their digital dreams into reality. 

Peter Woest

Position - Project Manager/ UX & UI. Peter has a natural talent for design, planning when it comes to structuring projects and problem solving. He is very passionate about providing the best service possible to clients.  

Ahmad Nazoor

Position - Head of development in Arctic Edge Digital. Ahmad is a world class multi-talented developer who manages our entire development team. He is a master in his field and lives for development. 

Kenneth Azagsiba

Position - Innovations Manager. Kenneth is has the gift of seeing beyond the obvious and wears many hats in the tech field. His passion and drive shines out to all that meets him. 

Kerzoe Wienekus

Position - (QA) Quality Assurance Tester. "KZ" is our dedicated tester who is passionate about assisting in debugging apps/software so the platform launch is well received.

Umer Malik

Position - Operations Manager. Umer is responsible for all internal comms and processes. He ensures all team members are updated and kept up to date on their projects. 

Danélle Wright

Position - Pro content creator and SEO. Danni is a natural born talent who really takes the time out to understand a client's brief in detail. She has an impressive IQ and lives for high end content, websites and search engine optimisation.

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Who are the Rest?

We have many developers in our team working for Arctic from all around the world. We have been working with the same team for 10 years now and our clients are very happy with our services.