The Future Of Technology



Is it the end of times or is it a fresh start for humanity to heal the world?

Although exciting, it is going to take a very new way of thinking for us all to pull this off, but if we do we can reverse global warming, create clean sustainable energy, create an income structure that will stop world hunger and disease. During this guinea pig process, the biggest question is what is socially acceptable and ethical? We are entering the fourth industrial revolution so at what point do we draw the line?  With state of the art tech available to anyone and everyone, who gets to decide our planet's fate or success? Whatever side of the fence you're on, the world needs positive change and you could be the one to do exactly that. It is not going to be the world's corporate giants that are going to change the world, it's going to be the small everyday entrepreneurs with a passion for making the world a better place by developing industry-changing platforms. 

We often hear people concerned about technology taking over their lives and finances. They fear it will cripple the value of there business or replace them in a job. Fear is often backed by very little fact if any fact at all. People base these claims on life experiences and feel less valuable. Here at Arctic, we think these challenges are simply an opportunity for people to reinvent the way they look at what value, own intrinsic value, currency, trade and wealth truly mean on a deeper level. People blame technology for causing depression and feeling of emptiness but you could also ask yourself if technology has an ability to magnify those feelings and in turn, allow the person to do something about there unhappiness. The business's all over the world fear technology leaving them behind because they cannot keep up, they have no idea what direction to move into and do not know what to invest in to keep their business sustainable over the next 10 years (which is a lifetime in the tech world). 


Technology has become a touchy subject for most business owners. Those that oppose this powerful fast-paced global system stand the chance to lose their market edge to competitors and those that do find themselves with mixed emotion as there are no rule books in totally reinventing the way things are done. Will the business owners of the world have time to adjust to the technology that will affect their industries? Is it over before it even began? This is the same as asking if the world was controlled by one giant robot brain in the sky, would we have to worship it to be fed while we run around in chaos wearing loincloths? We do need to be careful and responsible for this power but one thing is always certain and that is life will always find a way.


When electricity was created and installed in public places, people feared the electricity would leak out the walls like water and kill everyone. It took some time before people willingly accepted this technology into there homes. The challenge was they had no reason to install it other than lighting and people would choose lanterns for the fear of electrocution. Today we cannot live without it. Even if it was literally pouring out the walls someone would make a success by creating shoes that allow you to walk on electricity or allow you to fly over it on a hoverboard. The point is if you see these challenges as an opportunity you can create a platform that will change the world. After all, the main objective of building a world-changing system is to solve a problem. The world will not be changed by corporate giants, it will be changed by the small entrepreneurs that have a passion to better the world. We always have a saying in the office being "there is no such thing as a lack of resource, there is only being unresourceful" - Tony Robbins.


So what direction should we be going in? What about 3d printing organs from your living room, marrying your favorite pornstar as a sexbot, mining your salary through cryptocurrency, genetically modified rainforests to put back the balance on the plant, putting a microchip in your body for convenience, modifying your natural DNA with a home DIY biohacking kit or reversing global warming by blowing the pollution out into space (Sorry flat earthers :p ). Put your 2cents in the comments below so we can get a consensus around this. After all, the change is coming fast, and the choice is ours. Turning your cheek the other way will only have others to make the decision for you.

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