Preparing Your Business for a Global Emergency: Insights from Arctic Edge

 Ensuring Business Resilience: Arctic Edge's Insights on Global Emergency Preparedness

Firstly, the point of this article is not to create mass panic but to open your eyes as a business owner to the potential challenges your business could face since the damage caused by this Virus has sent shock-waves around the world. The quarantine of cargo, transportation and employees have hit the global economy, and the losses are catastrophic. 

At this point, there are more than 80 000 people infected with the Virus in China alone, and it has spread to at least 28 countries. The manufacturing/export giant China is on its knees with substantial financial losses and with no choice but to keep a portion of the country's workforce at home in quarantine. The streets are empty just like an apocalyptic film. As business owners, we should not exclude ourselves from the possibility of these events happening in our own home countries.







So, how can you stand a chance to keep your workforce running if you cannot be onsite? Working offsite is easy if your company is already geared to operate remotely but what do you do if you are still stuck with outdated paper stacks sitting in your accountant's office with no way for them to work digitally? What if you have not digitised your workflow and processes so your staff can work from anywhere without losing productivity? What do you think this will do to your business financially and to the economy as a whole? 


To assist businesses around the world, Arctic edge can digitise your business into a cloud-based workflow so you can allow your staff to work online from anywhere. No one can lose their work should something happen to there tablet or laptop as there work is saved in the cloud and will work on almost any device. You and your staff members can chat/work live and will also have access to each other work files at the click of a button. Data will be updated in real-time without having to send different versions of the same document over and over again. Your efficiency will speed up, and even if this Virus goes away tomorrow, your business will be more efficient than ever.


Perhaps your staff to come in later after traffic and they can still work in the morning instead of sitting in exhausting traffic for 2 hours, but Traffic is another article all on its own. Here at Arctic Edge we always do our best to try to help people understand the real-world advantages of technology and how you can take a bad situation and make it a positive one. Thanks for taking the time to read this and feel free to comment below if you enjoyed this article. 


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  • Simon Brown

    Seems that this has reached a new level indeed. It is scary to think that something like this could bring your whole business down.

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