App Development Cost: What's the Price Tag for Building an App?

how much does it cost to make a app?


Deciphering App Development Costs: A Step-by-Step Breakdown and Key Factors

First of all, it is essential to know that to build an app properly, you need an experienced team of developers who can put there skills and time into making your system something professional and unique. There are many different languages, codebases, tools and workflows that need to be calculated correctly before deciding how to move forward. The 3 main factors that determine the cost are:

1 - Budget

Yes yes we know, this is a very complex item to add to a brief, and you probably think we ask this so we can make more money. The truth is that this is so important because we can spend more time offering you the best option based on a budget; otherwise, it leaves the development team shooting in the dark, and you may feel that we are not offering you what you want. We are very good at coding but not as good at mind reading.

2 - Functionality requirements:

Functionality is one of the most critical aspects of the project but even more important than that is planning. The cost is broken down by the complexity of the project. More often than not, Simple ideas are challenging to code, whereas complex ideas are easier to code. This is because it takes careful planning and lots of automation to complete a simple concept. To draft an accurate document, you will need to answer the right questions and create a high-level plan. If you would like to plan this all on your own, we have taken the time to save you a lot of time and money. Contact us for the link to download your Blueprint (step-by-step guide) and get your documentation together in no time. With this, we can give you a quote and timeline.

3 - Scalability

If you would like a system that can be scalable at any point, then a custom system is the way to go. Arctic Edge does have codebases we can offer you, but sometimes this does come with limitations as these systems are for you to get your idea out as an MVP (Minimal Viable Product). Some of our clients start with an MVP and then scale up to a larger system once they start generating income. Larger systems do hold a lot of value as you will not need to start a new system when you upgrade and testing is accomplished in a much shorter time frame.

4 - IP (intellectual property) and ownership over the code.

If you would like to own the code, then you will need to go with custom development. Arctic Edge has to build code bases you can use to cut costs and delivery time but this code with remain the property of Arctic Edge. You can always upgrade to your own IP (intellectual property) once you start making an income if you choose to use our systems.

5 - An MVP vs Custom system:

Minimal Viable Product or otherwise known as "MVP" is a system that uses the smallest budget possible to show a proof of concept to the market. This can leave you with less functionality than what you would have liked, but you can launch it and see how the market reacts before committing to an extensive system. Custom systems can tick all of your boxes and holds a much higher value in the long term. The choice between these two options is mainly dependent on a budget. Don't let your ideas slip away if you cannot pay for an extensive system, all of the corporate giants started somewhere and it is sometimes more important to get your concept out than worry about if it has every time you require right away.

Thank you for reading our article on how much do apps cost. Please feel free to contact us should you need more information.


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