Custom Software Development vs. Generic Apps: Making the Right Choice


Understanding the Difference: Custom Software Development vs. Generic Apps

Apps are being used more in 2019 as a standalone business than ever before. Competing against world leaders means that quality software regardless of the type of business you offer or the size of it needs to be at an all-time high. Although Apps are an incredible marketing tool, it can be complicated especially when it comes to choosing what sort of development to go with. You don’t want to purchase general applications that are very limiting and generic-looking or you will not get the volumes of users you need to make a success of your project. Users are now highly trained visual specialists that are looking for any flaws they can find to delete apps, the real challenge is to give them a reason to keep it installed no matter what. You also don’t want to have additional features that you will never use or over-complicate the users with too much information. Simplicity is key as apps are made to make people's lives easier. The app needs to mold around your business’s needs and that this is why custom software development is often a much better choice.

Many people think custom development is more expensive than generic alternatives but in the long run, this is not necessarily true. In many cases, custom software development is less expensive than a general application because it is designed to meet your exact business needs without losing simplicity. You will also get the app to do exactly what you need it to do and impress your users. This results in you saving your users time and your company money by not having to repay for your project several times.

It is important to choose an app company that takes the time to understand the type of business you run, how you run it and what your main goals are. You should ask the company to schedule a meeting to meet with the creative director and see if you are comfortable with the answers they give and what solutions they can offer you with regard to your potential problems. If you do not have any highlighted, they should bring it up to make you aware of it. Ask about their workflow and see how knowledgeable/passionate they are. Relationships are key to making any successful project. A strong, truthful and respectable business relationship makes the difference between a project being completed on time with all requirements delivered and a disaster.

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